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Jesus heals girl seeing without pupils at Evangelist Rambabu

Amazing healing of a young girl who was blind from birth and now sees!

Blind Since Birth Now Sees!

This young girl is healed and seeing now without pupils. Astonishing miracle.

Baptized With Fire

A revelation by Patricia King and other major Prophets of the next move of God.


The Price of Love


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Spiritual Gates

As Christ Ambassadors, you can stand in the earth and make intercession for the world that you...

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Only Say The Word

Stacey Campbell shares a testimony about a miracle she witnessed in Brazil.

A Harvest Of Nations

God is preparing us for the greatest move that is the earth has ever witnessed.

I Believe In Miracles

Julie Meyer shares why she believes in miracles.

Body Parts

James Goll shares an encounter he had with God about the body parts room in heaven.

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He Walks With Me

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