Kat Kerr is a licensed minister. She has operated with a prophetic and ‘seer’ anointing for over 25 years. Kat has served in children’s church, vacation bible schools and serves as a speaker at numerous conferences for various ministries.

Kat Answers Questions About Heaven

Kat addresses a lot of questions that people have sent in to her about heaven.

Salons In Heaven

Kat shares about amazing things in heaven like hair salons. Heaven is a fun place.

What Children Do In Heaven

Kat shares about what happens to children when they go to heaven.


Kat has had many heavenly encounters. In this segment she shares about our gifts and how God...


Listen now and learn what God has in store for the children of God in the earth in the last days.

The True Image

Kat addresses the subject of homosexuality. Watch now and learn about being made in the image of...

The Soul

There is a lot more to the soul than we understand.

Time Travel

God can go anywhere in time that He wants to. Listen now and learn about time travel from a...

Relationships In Heaven

Katt explains relationships in heaven.

Don't Wound The Wounded

Are are to be Christ in the earth. We need to stop wounding the wounded. Watch now and be...

Secret Agents

God has secret agents in the earth. Watch now and discover if you're one of them!

Stop Stations

There are stop stations designated from heaven to earth. Angelic beings sent on divine assignment.

Fun In The House

Heaven is the most fun place you can ever imagine living in. It's a very fun place!

Born To Create

The word says that we were born in the image of God and in their likeness. Did you know you were...

Worship In Heaven

Worship in the throne room is such a delightful place. Kat shares her visit to the throne room.

Your Pets In Heaven

Kat answers a question that she is asked nearly every place she goes. Are my pets in heaven?

God Gave Gifts To Men

What does it mean that we are all one body, but we all have different gifts.

Grace For Abundant Life

We are all saved by grace. You can't earn it, you can't work for it. God gives it to...